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We pour our passion into creating games that blend engaging stories with enjoyable gameplay, aiming to provide a memorable experience for every player!
High quality of filmmaking, plus its combination of brevity and replayability, this is a grown-up FMV title with strong execution!
She Sees Red, our first venture, is a compact experimental interactive movie where each choice truly makes a difference. We set out to explore this unique genre, and we're pleased with the journey so far!

We're now gearing up for a larger interactive movie project in the preproduction stage. Stay connected for more!
Beyond interactive movies, we're also diving into the realm of gaming with a secret project
It's a turn-based horror game set in a science-mystic atmosphere, being developed for PC and consoles.

While we can't reveal too much at this stage, know that we're pouring our hearts into crafting both an intriguing story and engaging gameplay. The project is currently in production, so stay tuned!
In addition, we've established a small RnD department that's currently focused on experiments with reinforcement learning in virtual motion. We're hopeful that we'll soon be able to incorporate the results of these experiments into our games

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