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Hi there! This is the blog of our studio. Here we will feature news and materials about various projects we are undertaking, as well as author posts of individual team members.

We are now working hard on the game (or a movie?) in the new genre, which currently raises more questions than the joys of anticipation. Movies tried to make friends with games already at the end of the last century. But the movie aspects did not live up to professional expectations: there were not enough people, resources, and opportunities. Today, a lot of things have changed, and this is especially apparent in the TV series industry, which has shown incredible growth over the past 20 years. And what about games?

They are already more popular than movies, and some games even overshadow movies with the same name. Interactive entertainment is developing by leaps and bounds along with new advanced technologies, and we believe that the time has come, once again, to make a step towards our conservative «older brother». There are very few new games with live actors, but there are already other cool and exciting things happening, and this trend will likely continue and they will become more and more common.

We adore both games and movies. And we have extensive experience with both genres. That is why we assessed our combined strengths and decided to focus them on the right goal, in our opinion — on making a small but high-quality interactive film. Creating a focus on the storyline and on the importance of decision-making and the corresponding consequences. We will soon announce its release, and until that time we will try to share more news and information with you.

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