She Sees Red: announcement

We did it! We created the world’s first interactive thriller!


«A strange murder was committed in a nightclub. Despite the cynical club owner hindering the investigation, the detective is doing her best to find the elusive murderer who continues their killing spree leaving abundant evidence behind.».


— The detective is following your directions! You make choices that determine her further actions and the course of investigation.
— Each choice matters and leads to one of 4 different endings.
— Each play-through lasts 30 minutes, but one needs to watch it at least twice to reveal the whole story.
— This movie contains graphic images and violence, and the characters may use strong language, so it is rated 18+

The movie will be released in Russian and in English (fully dubbed) and will have German, Italian, French, Spanish, Kazakh, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean subtitles.

As this is an interactive movie, it can be watched using a PC, a tablet, or a smart phone.

It will be released for PC/Mac/iOS first, and then for Android and other platforms.

Release date — May, 2019

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