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About our studio


Rhinos are cool, right? We certainly thought so and that’s why we chose this name. And six months before that, we got together, discussed common interests, considered various prospects, and decided that we could do something really cool together. This is how the Rhinotales team was created.

What do we want to create? Games. And movies. We love them both. And if everything is good and clear with turning games into movies, the other way around is a touch more complicated. Gaming techniques do not always work with movie material, professional movie directors are in no hurry to change their chairs to experiments, and the process of filmmaking is quite expensive and does not cater to changes on the go.

That is why our plan is exactly that — experiments. Bold and careful, successful and… not so much. Interactivity changes the approach to the story-telling, leads to reconsideration of the usual solutions and discovery of new tools. And we are quite sure that if we combine high-quality cinema with an interesting story as the foundation for our experiments, wonderful, amazing things can happen as a result!